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  • Vor einem Sandhügel liegt ein sandfarbenes Feld in welchem auf drei Sprachen Standsturm geschrieben steht


    Sandsturm – And Then There Was Dust

    Sand is everywhere. It slowly but surely covers everything and brings human activity in public spaces to a standstill. Sandstorms — one manifestation of the many ecological processes of the Mesopotamian region — are addressed in this intermedial and transnational exhibition dialogue between seven artists and collectives from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.

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  • Ein Schaf aus Pappe steht auf einem Felsen aus Pappmaché.


    Hidden People

    Our natural surroundings still hold many mysteries that will probably remain unsolved forever.

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  • Lava tritt aus dem Gestein


    Egill Sæbjörnsson – From Magma to Mankind, 2020

    Egill Sæbjörnsson presents his thoughts about the connection between mental and physical aspects of reality in From Magma to Mankind.

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  • Ein Schmetterling hängt im Himmel über den Wolken Kopfüber an einer Planze.


    Symbiotic Agencies

    Exhibition within the frame of 3hd "UNHUMANITY"

    The group exhibition “Symbiotic Agencies” is dealing with the symbiotic and parasitic relationships between human and non-human actors. Selected works reveal new perspectives around technologically-shaped environments, as well as transformational processes and connections with other species and queer transgression of gender constructions in nature or approaches to sustainability in resource politics.

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  • Image for There May Be Milk There May Be Hay


    There May Be Milk There May Be Hay

    A Correspondence between Viviana Druga and Dafna Maimon

    Viviana Druga and Dafna Maimon created an installation in the form of a kind of support center as a laboratory of their own, in which somatic experiential strategies are being tested.

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  • Image for Fragile Times


    Fragile Times

    The Earth’s ecological balance has been destabilised. Climate change, environmental pollution and mass extinction are just some of the issues causing us anxiety. But even with the realisation that human activity is destroying the very basis of life on our planet, very few people are making lasting changes to their behaviour.

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  • Image for OTTTO – Invisibilities. Panorama of Disappearance


    OTTTO – Invisibilities. Panorama of Disappearance

    The world’s gone mad. Is our supposedly “ideal world increasingly in the process of disappearing? Social and financial power interests are threatening the functional mechanisms of nature. Plants, birds, and insects are dying out; natural habitats are disappearing. Homelands and traditions seem to be disintegrating. But at what point is a thing really gone, and when has it merely transformed into something else?

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  • Einladungskarte der Ausstellung This might be a place for hummingbirds


    This Might Be A Place For Hummingbirds

    Informed by contemporary art and cultural productions created in Guatemala, “This Might Be A Place For Hummingbirds” addresses colonialism and racism, violence and trauma, gender and identity. The focus is on questions concerning women’s rights, migration, social justice, environmental protection, and the ongoing consequences of colonial history.

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  • Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung The Process of Becoming


    The Process of Becoming – Temporal Dimensions of Sculpture

    “The Process of Becoming” exhibition challenges classical concepts of sculpture. It raises questions about where and how the working process begins and when it ends. Who and what is involved in the process and has an active influence on it?

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    The project brings the print studio into Körnerpark Gallery, making a space for independent print-based communities from Berlin and beyond.

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