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  • Blick von oben auf das Kunstwerk


    Elisa Dierson / Katja Marie Voigt – Floating Pollen Aerosol

    A gigantic pollen grain floats in the air in front of the gallery in Körnerpark. It is an oversized “plant aerosol.” The installation “Floating Pollen” brings pollen grains into macro focus – pollen circulates through the air, pollinates flowers and is inhaled by us.

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  • Bunt bemalte Vasen stehen auf der Ballustrade im Körnerpark


    Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov – Garden Porcelain

    Inspired by the opulent ornamentation of the neo-baroque oasis, artists Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov created decorative flower vases painted with imaginative historical motifs to take the place of the plant pots on the balustrade out front.

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  • Im Körnerpark läuft ein Mann mit einem Faden um ein Spindel


    Jürgen Kuhn – In a circle

    The performance “In a circle” reflects on our neoliberal economic system, which is geared towards pure profit maximization.

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  • Mit Fell überzogene Bälle liegen auf der Wiese vor der Galerie im Körnerpark


    Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov – Creatures in Körnerpark

    With “Creatures” artists and twin sisters Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov have developed a work marked by imagination and wit that elaborates parallels between art and science.

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  • Ein bunter aufgeblasener Vulkan steht im Park


    Valeska Peschke – Invert Vulcano

    Peschke’s five-metre inflatable, enterable sculpture, located in the park, makes reference to Rem KolhlhaasKoolhaas’s EU Barcode. Using an image of the European volcano, the artist points to alternative ways of thinking about home, territory, and borders — to a global rather than national way of thinking — Europe as a volcano, as friction between different cultures: eruption, awakening, new ground.

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