Fragile Times
© Niina Lehtonen Braun

Fragile Times

The Earth’s ecological balance has been destabilised. Climate change, environmental pollution and mass extinction are just some of the issues causing us anxiety. But even with the realisation that human activity is destroying the very basis of life on our planet, very few people are making lasting changes to their behaviour.

This exhibition addresses the fragile relationship between nature and humanity from a variety of perspectives and seeks ways to re-explore it. How can art create a space in which we define our relationship with the environment in a new way? Can art and poetry contribute to a healing process that improves interactions between all organisms?

Water as the possible origin of life, the paradox of fossil fuels that store solar energy, and the garbage in our oceans that could become a starting point for a giant archive of humanity are some of the subjects the artists engage with. Through their work, they attempt to counter the widespread sense of helplessness using unusual models of thought and playful experiments. They use contextual shifts to open up new perspectives on accepted facts, trace forgotten knowledge of natural forces, delve into old myths, rituals, and symbols, and invent new ritualistic activities to create meaningful relationships with the environment.

The exhibition is supported by Finland Institute in Germany

Curated by Dorothee Bienert und Kati Kivinen

Participating artists

The artist Niina Tervo fills her sculptures. On the wall and on a tabletop in front of it, several coloured photo prints pressed with black oil. In a dark video room, the video projection of the artist Ingrid Torvund can be seen. Various natural materials are woven into a hanging carpet and in front of it stands a vessel in the midst of an ornamental pattern made of natural materials. Several small coconut palms stand on dark, slender stelae of varying heights. In the foreground, amorphous sand sculptures lie scattered on the ground. Behind them, several narrow stelae rise up into air with small coconut palms on top The artist Markus Hoffmann stands between the steles of his work Three different-sized black-and-white photographs each show balancing blocks of stone in different natural landscapes. Behind them is a section of the universe on a photo wallpaper. Visitors stand in front of a work that shows a glowing yellow sphere in a square white frame that is doused with brown liquid. Three visitors stand in front of two walls which a multitude of drawings hang. Visitors looking at several works in the exhibition „Fragile Times Visitors watch the film by Kari Roover. The screen shows a close-up of the sandy bottom of water.