Plakat zur Ausstellung / in der Mitte ist eine Frau in einem Heu Feld
© Viviana Durga & Dafna Maimon

There May Be Milk There May Be Hay

A Correspondence between Viviana Druga and Dafna Maimon

Viviana Druga and Dafna Maimon are creating an installation in the form of a kind of support center as a laboratory of their own, in which somatic experiential strategies are being tested. To create this center, the artists will be corresponding through letter writing over the course of the spring, in which they meditate on emotional and body intelligence, with the womb acting as the main brain. Questions around reproduction, love, fertility and sacrifice will be reported within this exchange as both artists pull from their personal processes and autobiographies. There may be milk, there may be hay, there may be regrets, there may be fear.

Participating artists