Ein Schaf aus Pappe steht auf einem Felsen aus Pappmaché.
© Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov

Hidden People

Our natural surroundings still hold many mysteries that will probably remain unsolved forever. Artists Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov are preoccupied with the constant process of change in our natural environment and the associated path of exploration. For the exhibition, they present a large-scale Gesamtkunstwek with sculptural and pictorial elements, which is characterised by a particular materiality. The installation, made of cardboard, transforms the space, revealing a landscape with rocks, plants, and animals that reflects an imagined impression of Iceland. The tactile world is refracted in the exhibition room by kinetic objects that move freely through the space.

The exhibition title is borrowed from the Huldufólk (Hidden People) of Icelandic mythology, whose (in)visible traces can be found in the multi-layered landscape of Iceland. Familiar and alien protagonists occupy the newly created space and enter into a dynamic connection within the site-specific installation, which invites discovery and exploration.

Parallel to the exhibition, Egill Sæbjörnsson’s project “From Magma to Mankind” can be seen in the gallery’s video room.

Exhibition from 22 Mai to 22 August 2021 

fünf Bilder hängen an der Wand, auf denen eine Straße zu sehen ist. Um die Bilder herum steht der Wandtext zur Ausstellung Felsen aus Pappe ragen vom Boden bis hoch an die Wand eine fliegende Plastiktüte zwischen Felsen aus Pappe die Künstlerinnen geben eine Führung durch ihre Ausstellung scheinbar schwebende Felsbrocken hängen an der Wand große Malerein mit Fischgräten und Blumen an der Wand die Künstlerinnen führen Besucher durch die Ausstellung Image for Hidden People Image for Hidden People Image for Hidden People Image for Hidden People Die Künstlerin bemalt die Pappe, die um die Lautsprecher gebaut wurden