Travelling without a Ticket
© Moira Zoitl air

Travelling without a Ticket

In the interstices of language

The exhibition title was inspired by a metaphor that powerfully conveys the interplay between language and belonging: “The feeling of being in a foreign country is like travelling without a ticket. It’s a feeling of not belonging.” The exhibition project examines the extent that culture is a contextualisation of language and how language, in turn, transforms culture. Language is not static; it continuously shifts and produces new images and spaces. It offers the opportunity to bring the gaps between people to life and open up new ways of acting. The emergence of diverse “cultural contexts” in twenty-first-century societies has set in motion a process of transformation in linguistic communication. It does not, however, take place without lengthy negotiation processes. The exhibition presents a range of strategies and methods used by artists to grapple with different aspects of language.

Curated by Franziska Lesak, Marisa Maza, Moira Zoitl

Participating artists