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  • Image for Soil Conversations


    Soil Conversations

    Soil Conversations presents nine artistic propositions from South Africa and Germany, looking at the granularity of soil as material, our relationship to the ground on which we build life on and soil as a bearer of memory, identity and speculative futures.

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  • Image for Contours of Grief


    Contours of Grief

    Loss and grief are inevitable and universal experiences that nevertheless each of us encounter unexpectedly sooner or later. The exhibition “Contours of Grief” explores this tension and examines the different emotional states of mourning through various artistic media.

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  • Image for ENTER_NATURE



    ENTER_NATURE tells the story of our innate longing for nature, the loss of the natural world, and artistic representations of nature in the post-digital age with an exhibition of contemporary approaches in painting, sculpture, performance, and media art.

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  • Abbildung von Pflaumen, Pflaumenkernen, halbierten Pflaumen in vier Reihen


    Deeply rooted

    Nature as an Archive and Medium of Memories

    Silvina Der-Meguerditchian and Sonya Schönberger present two site specific installations together in “Deeply rooted – Nature as an Archive and Medium of Memories”, a new exhibition at Galerie im Körnerpark.

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  • Image for LINES FICTION



    Drawing & Animation

    Parallel to the exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022 the project LINES FICTION presents a film screening with animations and drawing films.

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