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  • Abbildung von Pflaumen, Pflaumenkernen, halbierten Pflaumen in vier Reihen


    Deeply rooted

    Nature as an Archive and Medium of Memories

    Silvina Der-Meguerditchian and Sonya Schönberger present two site specific installations together in “Deeply rooted – Nature as an Archive and Medium of Memories”, a new exhibition at Galerie im Körnerpark.

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  • Image for LINES FICTION



    Drawing & Animation

    Parallel to the exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022 the project LINES FICTION presents a film screening with animations and drawing films.

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  • Image for ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022



    The exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022 features 600 drawings by 600 international artists presented with no mention of authorship or title and offered for sale at a symbolic price of 250€ each.

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  • Auf dem Bild ist ein Regenbogen auf einer weißen Bettdecke zu sehen.


    Silent Spring

    Together with guest artists, the Berlin-based artist group pilote contemporary explores the ambiguity that characterizes the relationship between humans and their environment.

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  • Auf einem rosa-pinkten Hintergrund sind schwarze Linien die runde Formen bilden zu sehen. Darüber steht in weißer Schrift der Titel der Austsellung


    Travelling without a Ticket

    In the Interstices of Language

    The exhibition project examines the extent that culture is a contextualisation of language and how language, in turn, transforms culture.

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