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[Let's rename October 12]

As an art project, María Linares launched an initiative to rename the holiday of October 12 in her country of origin, Colombia. On this day, the ‘discovery’ of America, still called “Day of the ‘Race’”, is celebrated in many countries of the continent.
The artist explores the questions of why and since when the “Day of ‘Race’ and Hispanicity” received this name in Colombia, what the word ‘race’ refers to in this context, and what ‘race’ means today from a genetic perspective. She is also concerned with the fact that the use of the term ‘race’ is increasingly dispensed with in numerous human rights and legal texts, including here in Germany.

The exhibition tour with the curators and artists will be in german and will start at 5pm.

The event will be held in compliance with the 2G+ regulation, no pre-registration is required. The current distance and hygiene rules apply.

Auf dem Fotos ist ein rotes Quadrat mit dem Schriftzug
© María Linares
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