• Weaving Session

Collective Weaving with Traces


On 28.01.2023, the artists of Traces, invite you to weave together between 3 and 6 pm in the exhibition ENTER_NATURE at Galerie im Körnerpark. We will sit on mats on the floor to weave. Please bring warm socks. The loom can be changed manually for people who use a wheelchair. We speak English, German and Danish. Children are welcome. The event is free of charge.

un_ravel draws a picture of a utopian landscape immersed in blue, made of layers and interweavings, inhabited by sympoietic* entities in constant motion, creating new fabrics and dissolving the rigid. Everyone is invited to take up the threads, to continue them, to drop them and to rework them. Thus, whatever is there is simultaneously determined and discarded, dissolved and expanded – is both beginning and end.
The bodies, which engage in this action through the movements of the hands, determine the rhythm of these transitions. These processes, running in supposedly different directions, are interrelated and inseparable, for they feed on the same material.

*The concept of sympoiesis points out that nothing manufactures itself – every “creative process” is dependent on a whole set of conditions, a set of “others.” Sympoiesis describes the idea that “we were never individuals.” (cf. Gilbert / Haraway).

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© Daniel Kupferberg
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