© Julia Beliave, Luis Negron van Grieken


The exhibition ENTER_NATURE in the Galerie im Körnerpark, tells by means of current artistic posi-tions of painting, sculpture and performance as well as by positions of media art, gaming and virtual reality about the very own longing of humankind – the loss and the artistic representation of nature – in the post-digital age.

It tells the story of a generation of international artists whose perception in the post-digital age is in-creasingly replaced by a multiverse reality. They live in an analog and a digital world at the same time and transfer their perception and social questioning in the context of nature, human beings, daily urban life and digital spaces into their artistic practice.

ENTER_NATURE illuminates and marks this threshold and the paradigm shift with diverse artistic positions: It raises questions about the decolonization of nature and its artistic representation, hierar-chies of cultures and species, the virtual migration into digital space as a place of artistic exile as well as the empowering dimensions of utopian landscapes. Moving through the exhibition space in the former Orangerie in Körnerpark, one embarks on a staged transit between the poles of art techniques from the past analog to new media works of the post-digital age.

Always focusing on the continuity of artistic representation from contemplating in the experience of nature in European and global art history, a visit to the exhibition may also become a personal mo-ment of retreat and contemplation of one’s own narrative and representation of nature.

The exhibition presents recent works of painting, photography, sculpture and performance together with artistic positions of transmedia installation, augmented and virtual reality, to metaverse and oth-er digital manifestations of social platforms.

The explosive loss of nature against the backdrop of global climate catastrophe, the effects of turbo-capitalism, and the cultural manifestation of global migration movements leaves clear traces. These further intensify the struggle and longing for the lost paradise and the basis of human existence. The exhibition ENTER_NATURE, undertakes the attempt also to meet these questions in the transit of the exhibition space.

Exhibition November 25, 2022 – February, 15 2023

Curated by Can Mileva Rastovic

Participating artists