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Kollektiv Polylog – Das ist meine Geschichte: Frauen im Gespräch über Flucht und Ankommen

Exhibition tour with the curators and artists. Followed by a reading with the collective Polylog.

This afternoon women will read from the Kollektiv Polylog* from their book „Das ist meine Geschichte: Frauen im Gespräch über Flucht und Ankommen“ (Münster, 2019). They provide answers to elementary questions: What does the situation as a protection seeker mean for us in everyday life? How do we feel about living together with different people and about being a woman in a new country? How have our views on life changed since we had to leave our homeland? With their stories, the women raise their voices as witnesses to current events and give insight - sometimes serious, sometimes humorous - into their personal experiences with the (im)possibilities of arriving in Germany.

The reading will be in arabic and german.

The exhibition tour with the curators and artists will be in german and will start at 2 pm.

*The collective Polylog is an association of women refugees from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan; students and lecturers at the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin as well as members of the International Women Space, an activist group of women with and without migration experiences.

The event will be held in compliance with the 2G regulation, no pre-registration is required. The current distance and hygiene rules apply.

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