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A Desire to Be Long

How do we, that is those of us affected through migration, pursue the historical in the full knowledge that a History will not accommodate us? How do migrants remember, not in the sense of reminiscing a past or recovering lost worlds, but as a critical way to refuse a for-granted continuity of the same? What does it take to imagine our futures in the European contemporary, when at every step of the way history gets in the way of memory? This reading and conversation will explore how the migrant will to belong makes migration a desire to be long: a growing bigger in time and space.

The exhibition tour with the curators and artists will be in german and will start at 2 pm.
The reading and the talk with Omar Kasmani and Prof. Hansjörg Dilger (Freie Universität, Berlin) will be in english and will start at 3 pm.

Portrait vom Künstler Omar Kasmani
© Schokofeh Kamiz
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Participating artists

Präsentation des Künstlers Omar Kasmani auf der Leinwand. Im Vordergrund sitzen Künstler Osmar Kasmani und der Prof. Hansjörg Dilger (FU Berlin)) Lesung des Künstlers Omar Kasmani. Publikum sitzt auf Stühlen vor einer Leinwand auf der eine Präsentation abgespielt wird