Lichtfest Susanne Kriemann
© Nihad Nino Pusija

Susanne Kriemann – ich bin, varim, je suis Abendrot

In her new project for the Galerie im Körnerpark, Susanne Kriemann works conceptually with light – the energy that structures life through the rhythm of day and night.

For the exhibit Susanne Kriemann collects objects ranging from prehistoric times to the future, related to Körnerpark. One highlight is a mammoth bone from the Ice Age found in Franz Körner’s gravel quarry around 1900. Placed alongside each other, the objects detach themselves from their temporal contexts and become individual organisms that visitors illuminate using a hand-cranked lamp.

“Ich bin, varım, je suis Abendrot” is conceived of as a participatory process. In dialogue with the exhibited objects, workshop participants will generate ideas for a future-oriented, visually stimulating concept to light Körnerpark. Together they will think about sustainability, self-reliance, and innovative ways to generate light. At the end of the exhibit, during the night from October 29 to 30 when clocks are turned back, the research results will be presented and stretch dusk out until dawn.

Curated by Dorothee Bienert