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Drawing & Animation

Parallel the exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022 the project LINES FICTION presents a film screening with animations and drawing films. Drawing on paper and drawing in film are complementary poles that cannot do without each other. On the internet platform Lines Fiction the Berlin-based artist Bettina Munk gathers international artists who understand their drawings as equal to their animations. It is shown how both media inspire and complement each other.

The screening is preceded by an open call for international submissions. Submitted were animated films that are hand-drawn and animated frame by frame, as well as animations whose moving images are created on the computer. These included comics as well as experimental strips. The decisive factor is the connection to the drawing / graphic / line. The animations will be assembled into a film screening and shown – with the names of the authors – at Galerie im Körnerpark.

Exhibition June 18 – August 24, 2022

Curated by Bettina Munk