Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung
© Anne Brannys

Anne Brannys – An Encyclopaedia of the Delicate

The exhibition “Eine Enzyklopädie des Zarten” (An Encyclopaedia of the Delicate) is based on Anne Brannys’s dissertation of the same name. In it the artist sheds light on the concept of “delicate” or “tender” from different perspectives, interweaving questions from the humanities, the natural sciences, and art. With eight thematic focuses the exhibition delves into the topic as an immersive encyclopaedia, through a spatial concept developed specially for this presentation. The rhythmic ordering of knowledge throughout the exhibition space is also flexible, enabling cross-links between the objects through a multisensory orientation system.

The artworks – a selection from an extensive archive of positions collected through a call for submissions – represent a diverse spectrum of approaches to the topic and explore the concept’s complexity in a sensually perceptible way. The physical experience of an exhibition thus becomes a logical extension to the collection of knowledge in book form.

Participating artists