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Lecture Performance KNOWLEDGE ON THE MOVE

with siddhartha lokanandi and Christmas Book Market from the Hopscotch Collection

siddhartha lokanandi us will talk about his relationship to nature through a “non-western” lens.

As someone with roots in a decidedly agricultural but “unnatural” environment, who has had to “enter_nature” over an extremely long span of time, deliberately and with great intent and dedication, this brief presentation hopes to problematize the concept of “nature” and especially the process of “entering nature”.

A contrast will be drawn by the abundance of nature around us in a comparatively green city like Berlin in the wider ecosystem of the Brandenburg region. The various Socio economic structures that condition our perception(s) of nature will be highlighted, with a special attention paid to the cultural markers of such interpretations.

Last but not least, siddhartha will also be talking about the books he has chosen to highlight in the exhibition and their contributions to the diversity on view at this exhibition in Körner park.

A selection of other books that did not make the cut for the exhibition component will be offered for viewing and sale.

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© siddhartha lokanandi
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