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I'm a Pen / Enter_Nature

Working in unison with her audience, the artist composes dance choreography structures through reciprocal actions and gestures between her and a volunteer, resembling a game.
In this performance the roles are interchangeable. The audience becomes a part of the act and is being encouraged to both take position and to comply.

While we are engaged in the tasks of the game, the pen spontaneously captures on a 2x2 m paper, the result, as the final act of the performance.
With I am a pen, Kuo questions the law of improvisation within the notion of control, how one moves and gives freely under the structured rules, blurring the line between performer and au-dience, nature and mechanics, who’s the lead and who’s the follower, who’s the pen and who’s the author.

Thinking upon the notion of nature, we come up with words, such as pollution, Mining, Tsunami, Earthquake, which are harmful, but sublime materials into our environment. Kuo has a different approach to it. The decision of projecting the Körnerpark to the background of the black curtain covered room, is to insert a naive and representative natural sphere to enter.

Kuo took this opportunity to set it as a challenge, to imagine and to explore it in different layers of expression in choreographing. In search of nature, in the first place, and in the broader sense, is to welcome the ideas between both artists to enter, to transfer, to become.

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© Ting-Yun Kuo
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