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undercover = secret, concealed, in hiding; not revealing one’s true identity

The project [anderkawer], a work in progress since 2020 by annette hollywood, investigates the situation of non-heteronormative families in Germany over the last one hundred years. In doing so, hollywood sets out as a time-traveling detective in search of traces of these who have often lived in hiding due to discrimination and its consequences. hollywood’s investigation begins amidst the first movement of homosexuals in Berlin in the 1920s and focuses on the vulnerability and visibility of lesbian families over time. Through the performative appropriation of archival material, the use of language, its attributions and power of effect in the respective social climate is made tangible.

Eine Person hält vor einem ihrer Augen einen Monokel in der Hand, aufwelchem zwei Frauen und ein Mädchen abgebildet ist
© annette hollywood
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