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© Nika Oblak & Primož Novak

Nika Oblak & Primož Novak – And Now for Something Completely Different 6

How can a ball flying through a film protrude from the actual screen? It is possible to defend ourselves physically against the dominance of the media?

With their installations, performances, videos and photographs, the Slovenian duo Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak question modern consumer culture and the ways the media set norms and shape reality. In a large series, Oblak and Novak connect video performances with pneumatics, linking the virtual media realm and the three-dimensional space of the real. Running through the duo’s work is a subtle sense of humour, which they use to drive everyday realities into absurdity.

The artist duo titles all of its numbered exhibits And Now for Something Completely Different, assailing the expectation and demand that artists be constantly original.

Curated by Dorothee Bienert