Installation view
© Jochen Wermann

Anonymous Drawings 2018

How are our judgements about art affected by our knowledge of the artist’s name and background? How is the value of a drawing determined? Where is the border between art and non-art?

The ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2018 exhibition features 600 drawings by 600 anonymous international artists presented with no mention of authorship or title and offered for sale at a symbolic price of €200. The identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is sold.

The project began with an international open call for drawing submissions. No guidelines were given specifying content; the only requirement was that the drawings be no bigger than A3. The background, age, or gender of participants played no role in the final selection of works. From over 2000 drawings submitted, the final 600 were selected by Berlin artist and project founder Anke Becker in cooperation with artist duo Reinert/Hinsberg to create a collective art piece.

ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS is both conceptual art and exhibition project in one where individual works from everyone involved become part of a larger wall installation in which hierarchies are entirely absent.

Exhibition view, welcome text. Installation view Installation view and visitors Installation view The visitors look at the sketches. Visitors interact with the exhibition. Drawings on the wall Sketches on postcards Drawings Exterior view of the gallery, with many visitors.