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KGB Sounds

Open-Air-Konzerte mit Künstler:innenbands

Art meets music in our legendary concert series, KGB Sounds, which brings KGB Art Week to a rousing close. Four fantastic bands and a phenomenal DJ bring an unforgettable acoustic experience to one of Berlin’s most beautiful green treasures, Körnerpark in Neukölln. The musicians all have a foothold in both music and visual arts. Sound on! A feast for the ears is ready to begin!

In spring, Berlin was a meeting point for Aleksandra Monda, Akim Grui, Erika Slobodeniuk and Evgen Kostits, jazz musicians from Ukraine who founded Zukor shortly after meeting. Based on their love of jazz and guided by intuition and impulse, they incorporate improvisational elements of hip-hop, groove, and fusion.

Marco Montiel-Soto
Marco Montiel-Soto creates “Trains in the hills,” a sound composition, live on stage, incorporating audio recordings of trains, birds, animals, bells, airplanes, and lectures from his own vinyl collection as well as library sound effects and field recordings. The result is a sound and voice landscape that experimentally combines history and poetry.

Atmospheric and energetic rhythms are the driving force behind the Andi.Andean music project, founded by producer, DJ, and percussionist Andres Aravena in 2014. Inspired by different journeys, collaborations, and master teachers, Andi.Andean creates electronic soundscapes that combine afro, techno, downtempo, and dub, and awaken a desire to dance.

All Frames Crack
All Frames Crack (Phil Audio, Martin Naber) makes music with rhythmically clear, metallic, electronic sounds, and melancholic, punchy, dark atmospheres. Influences including coldwave, postpunk, darkwave, and electronic music find idiosyncratic expression, with Martin Naber’s haunting voice bring out existential questions and conflicts in the songs.

Perera Elsewhere (DJ-Set)
Sasha Perera aka Perera Elsewhere is a producer, song writer and DJ. Through experimental interweaving of voice, lyrics, percussive beats, deep bass frequencies, and sound design, she has developed her own “doom-folk sound.” She has performed live shows and DJ sets at venues including Berghain, the Elbphilharmonie, and at Mutek Festival in Montreal. We’re looking forward to her new creations at the decks!

KGB Sounds – Open Air Concerts with Artist Bands taking place as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2022

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