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Closing event


The exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022 features 600 drawings by 600 international artists presented with no mention of authorship or title and offered for sale at a symbolic price of 250€ each. The identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is sold: Sold drawings will be taken right off the wall and the empty space left behind will be marked with the artist‘s full name and place of origin. The given unit sales price should not be seen as a real market price, but as a conceptual place holder for any conceivable amount of money in the art market.

Simultaneously, international artists show their digital animations and animated films as part of LINES FICTION in the video room of the gallery. Drawings on paper and drawings within the moving image are complementary poles that cannot exist without each other. Based on the line, they inspire and complement each other. The result is a film reel from A to Z that is as diverse as drawing as a medium itself.

Between 5 and 8 pm drawings can be purchased for the last time in the gallery.

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© Nina Marlene Kraus
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