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Opening Scham

from the series "Dreck in die Wunde"

Scham is the German word for shame, but the meaning in German is quite ambiguous. It encompasses that which shows itself and that which is and remains hidden. It reveals something and conceals it at the same time. It can also refer to the pubic region and the genitals. Shame covers or conceals, is public and private, and everything in between perhaps as well. This work is incorporating these meanings onto this transformative sculpture.

Kimberly Brooke Meenan is currently working on new techniques for making moulds from found materials that use the body as a record of honesty and discontent. She casts these bodies from a material whose main ingredient is self-collected “dirt” in Berlin streets. It is mixed with binders, clay and plant seeds.

one green salad leaf
© Kimberly Brooke Meenan
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