Drop-in Workshop for Families

Unruly Splendour. Exploring Bodies through the Spectrum of Nature

Drop-in Workshop for Families, Families of Friends and Friends of Families!

Join curator and teaching artist Kirstin Broussard and curator Kate Brehme in taking over the gallery for a day of inspired art-making. The idea of interconnection between humans and nature is found in all the art works in Unruly Splendour. We invite you to explore, connect with and expand upon this theme through a series of self-guided, creative activities.
Come make a three-dimensional collage from a leaf or a flower, create a sensory map of the park, build an imaginary garden and immerse yourself in the natural world.

The event runs from 2-5 pm, is in both German and English and is suitable for all ages and (dis)abilities, but we ask that parents accompany their children.

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