• Artist Talk

Digital representation of cultural heritage in art, design, and architecture

Artist talk with Tehran Platform moderated by Sarah Maske

Tehran Platform will discuss the role digital media can play in preserving cultural elements of a society. In their work Al Mashoof, featured in the exhibition “Sandsturm – And Then There Was Dust”, Tehran Platform attempts to digitally represent some elements of the endangered cultural heritage of the people living in Hoor Al-Azim, in hopes of preserving parts of their cultural DNA. The idea comes from small boats called Al- Mashoof, which connect people from different parts of the region. Tehran Platform shows how the impossibility of moving by these boats and transporting people as a result of Hoor Al-Azim drying up, can accelerate the destruction of this cultural heritage.

The event takes place in compliance with the „3G rule“ (tested, vaccinated, recovered), no prior registration is needed. The current distance and hygiene rules apply.

Event is held in english language.

Vor einem schwarzen Hintergrund eine goldene Architektur aus kleinen Partikeln
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