Actions That Cannot Happen

Workshop with Alicja Rogalska and Lara Nelke

Taking inspiration from the ADA-Schule, which aimed to critically reflect on the ADA – Aktionen der Avantgarde project of 1973–74, Actions That Cannot Happen is the mediation program accompanying the exhibition If the Berlin Wind Blows My Flag. The title is borrowed from Milan Knížák andcan refer both to the political and social conditions of possibility across different times, and to more speculative approaches. Through a series of printmaking workshops, artist Alicja Rogalska, together with members of the public and invited groups, will actively engage with themes and motifs from the artworks and archival material presented in the exhibition. Referencing conceptual art of the 1970s, concrete poetry, and Mail Art, as well as official documents and graffiti, Actions That Cannot Happen invites audience members to literally and metaphorically put their own stamp on the issues raised by fellows from the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, such as migration, gentrification, ecology, and internationalism, and to reflect on their contemporary relevance. The results generated by the program will be presented in public spaces around Berlin.

The workshop is open to all; participation is free of charge (no registration).

Image for Actions That Cannot Happen
© Alicja Rogalska
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