• 48h Neukölln

48h Neukölln

Unruly Splendour. Exploring Bodies through the Spectrum of Nature

The exhibition Unruly Splendour. Exploring Bodies through the Spectrum of Nature is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday during 48h Neukölln.

Friday, 28.06. until midnight
Saturday, 29.06. until midnight
Sunday, 30.06. until 8 pm

The exhibition presents artists who make art about the body and its relationship to nature, gardens, plants and ecological systems. What are their visions of the future, their potential utopias that defy the norm? How might a paradigm shift in our understanding of nature restore our relationship with the natural world? The artists explore the theme of difference as beauty in a variety of ways. Some explore the misbehaving body, while others explore the environmental context in which we live: nature and its cycles, the rhythms of reproduction as a force that resists capitalist structures that harm the human body.

Unruly Splendour is curated by Kate Brehme and Kirstin Broussard of Berlinklusion, Berlin’s network for accessibility in art and culture, led by Dirk Sorge, Jovana Komnenic, Kirstin Broussard and Kate Brehme. It is a collective of disabled and non-disabled artists and art educators who aim to positively transform Berlin’s cultural landscape by promoting inclusion and improving accessibility for artists, cultural workers, participants and audiences with and without disabilities.

The exhibition celebrates the aesthetics of access and promotes exchange through accessible exhibition design. It is informed by the curator’s experience of disability and work at the intersection of curating and art education. It builds on recent exhibitions such as The Space Between (CLB, Berlin, 2023) and To/From (Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, 2023-4), where the collective sourced and selected otherwise marginalised artists, but also integrated multi-sensory design elements into the exhibition to enable accessible participation by our visitors.

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